Quality standards

During our 20 years in dentistry, we have worked systematically on applying the world's highest quality standards, and in this we have been assisted primarily by our close cooperation with Prof.  Dr. Felix Lutz, former Head of the Dental Preservation Department at the University of Zurich. Based on decades of research with his team, he has drawn up new quality guidelines for gentle dental treatment and so has set new global standards.

  • There is one universal guiding principle in dentistry: "The smallest intervention is the best".  This means that the best possible diagnosis is required at an early stage in order to identify any possible damage and analyse its causes.
  • Visualisation using an intra-oral camera is one of the keys to good diagnosis and also permits image-based communication. The 40X magnification shows even the smallest details with maximum precision and so ensures that all the important facts are  identified.
  • Since, with every intervention with his drill, the dentist is acting as a microsurgeon and should therefore rightly be called a dental microsurgeon, precision is of the utmost importance. The limiting factor is the human eye, which is why using magnification aids, such as dental loupes, is absolutely essential.
  • Microdentistry is setting new quality standards in aesthetic-restorative dentistry. By using a dental microscope with up to 20X magnification, treatments can be carried out with absolute precision. On a patient's first visit to a dental practice, the dentist is mainly interested in whether there is any damage such as caries, defective fillings, gum infections or imperfect functioning.
  • If dental treatment is required in the case of caries, defective fillings or tooth preparation, then the oral camera, loupes, a cofferdam and the dental microscope may be used. These are the benchmark standard for the new dentistry.
  • The consistent and mandatory use of gold-standard equipment ensures that the results of the process that is carried out will be long-lasting and that treatment will be as accurate as possible.

    Under the new concept for dental treatment, you will receive a clear written report and diagnosis of what the dentist has found, together with a treatment plan showing detailed costs, along with a personalised prophylactic plan for keeping your teeth healthy in the long term and maintaining your general health.